West Bloomfield Initiative for Renewable Energy

PV Array Specifications and Information

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Rated Power
in full sun
3440 watts
(3.44 kilowatts)
Number of Panels16
PanelsSanyo HIT-215N
215 watts each
InverterFronius IG-Plus 3.8
3800 watt inverter
TrackerWattsun AZ-225
dual axis tracker
Pole height15 feet
Estimated Annual
Energy Production
6,000 kilowatt-hours
(6 Megawatt-hours)
Estimated Annual Reduction
in Coal burned
6,000 lbs of coal
Estimated Annual Reduction
in Carbon Dioxide Emissions
12,000 lbs of CO2
Car miles you could
drive annually
using array to power
a Chevy Volt
16,000 miles per year
Car miles you could
drive annually
using array to power
a Ford Focus all electric
25,000 miles per year
Solar InstallerSUR Energy,
Ann Arbor
Total Cost
Parts and Labor (Prevailing Wage)
Including Internet Data Monitoring
and utility meter for net metering
Funding Sources
1. Individuals and
businesses who
support Renewable
Energy and WBHS
2. Energy Works Michigan
3. Fronius Inverters
4. Sonitrol Security

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